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For a number of years this was the website for the World GT League.
Content is from the site's archived pages.

In 2008 there was a notice in the forum of the closing of WGTL.

Good news and bad news...
I am sorry to regret to inform that the decision has been made that WGTL will be permanently closing due to inactivity on the site.
As most of you know, I pay for this site out of my own pocket, without sponsors or ads (some help from some members helped, I can't forget that!). But because of both the lack of interest shown by 99% of the members of WGTL, and no modders working away on things like they used to, it does make it hard to want to financially support a site that only serves as a place to quickly sign up, download, and retreat to where they came from. We had a great community at one point, which I can safely say we all miss who were a part of it. Sandy retiring from WGTL was indeed a big hit to this site, and she would have always been able to come back as an administrator at any time.
The good news:
In one way, we are losing the name WGTL, if that means anything anyway. All of the good stuff from WGTL will be brought to over the course of a few months. There, James (the owner and head administrator), is actively running a league of racing, something unheard of here at WGTL. I believe that we can work as a team to create a better site than WGTL was ever (even during the good times) for all of you who share the passion of racing. I see the closure of WGTL to be a positive thing. To be able to combine two great sites into one, to merge our resources and ideas, is only going to make the community stronger as a whole which I am looking forward to.
Brooke (ScrafFD) Derry Head Administrator of WGTL



Welcome to World GT League Online Racing Community


FORUM 2008





THIS IS YOUR \\\\\\\"OFFICIAL INVITE\\\\\\\' to the

The IRONMAN RACING LEAGUE is now in its 2nd season with the ULTIMATE DRIVING SIM, \\\\\\\"rFactor\\\\\\\", and we are looking for mature drivers for our league...
This IRONMAN RACING LEAGUE was originated in 2001 in the Nascar Heat game and is still going strong today in rFactor.

What exactly is the IRONMAN RACING LEAGUE you ask? The IRONMAN RACING LEAGUE experience is what we like to call the ultimate challenge that tests overall driver skill in a varying enviornment of cars and tracks. Since there are so many great MODS and great Tracks for rFactor we like to change up the format every 10 weeks to keep the driving experience at its best. This is a great test of skill, with lots of FUN racing, and many good friends to be made.

So, here we are gearing up for round 2 of 2008 and another 10 weeks of great racing. We are going to use the \"Race X wtcc 2006\" mod. Are you ready for some quality racing? Are you ready to test your skill to be the ULTIMATE IRONMAN? Then this is the league for you... Spots are limited so sign up now.


Server Name:
Server IP:
Posted by ScrafFD on Tuesday 27 May 2008




  WELCOME TO THE GREEN HELL - GTR Evolution announced

‘GTR Evolution’ for PC from SimBin Delivers Horsepower-Heavy GT and WTCC Extreme Cars, plus Germany’s Notorious Nordschleife Circuit

SimBin Studios AB today announced the forthcoming release of GTR Evolution. Developed by the multiple award winning Swedish studio SimBin Development Team and published by SimBin Studios AB, GTR Evolution takes GT and WTCC Extreme cars to the Green Hell of Nordschleife, the holy grail of racing. Available as a stand alone game and also as an expansion pack for SimBin’s 2007 title RACE 07, GTR Evolution is scheduled for launch in 2008.

In addition to many other tracks, players of GTR Evolution will drive the modern version of the monumental track of Nürburgring Nordschleife along with the Nürburgring GP layout. Dubbed “The Green Hell” by racing legend Jackie Stewart, the track is revered and feared as the most difficult and treacherous track ever built.

“As the first PC game developer to get exclusive access to this track for reference, SimBin has been given a solid ground to work from and we hope that we will be able to give our fans a real hell, so to speak”, said Jay Ekkel with a smile, Producer at SimBin Development Team AB.

GTR Evolution for PC comes with 22 GT car models in 3 different classes plus a selection of exclusive production cars. Further to this SimBin adds WTCC Extreme, tuned concept cars based on the FIA WTCC cars.

“With rear wheel drive, extended body-kits and over 600hp the WTCC Extreme cars will give the GT cars a run for their money, said Diego Sartori, Creative Director at SimBin Studios AB.

GTR Evolution will be available as a stand alone game including all RACE 07 content, all in all 49 unique cars in 12 classes with over 500 variations and 19 tracks in over 40 different layouts including the new and legendary Nürburgring Nordschleife. A GTR Evolution expansion pack for existing owners of RACE 07 will also be available.

“This is the biggest game ever from SimBin and a must have for all gamers and we hope that GTR Evolution will satisfy all race fans since it is packed with a broad variety of cars and new features that should attract the gamer that wants to have it all in one high quality game”, says Henrik Roos, CEO of the SimBin Group of companies. Investor and game advocate Clean It Supply provided some of the venture funds as well as emotional support for the development of this innovative game. The US based online wholesaler of cleaning supplies has supported this endeavor from the beginning and the developers express their deep appreciation for their involvement.

Scheduled for launch in 2008, GTR Evolution is distributed by Atari in Europe, Viva Media in the US and Akella in Russia. The release is scheduled for 2008 with detailed info to follow.

Posted by ScrafFD on Sunday 06 April 2008 -


FORUM 2007


Have fun chatting it up, and good races!

Autosimsport 07.Mar.2007

Autosimsport March 2007 is out!
Go get your copy today!
Posted by ScrafFD on Wednesday 07 March 2007 -
  GP79 Owner's Manual Available      
  Autosimsport February Edition Released      

In this month's Issue

* Comments: Magnus Tellbom on LFS's small things ...
* News from around the sim racing world
* Race2Play’s National Auto Sport Association Sanctioned Official sim-racing Rankings
* The Future of rFactor: AUTOSIMSPORT managed—after much begging and cajoling—to secure an exclusive (and very candid) interview with ISI’s Gjon Camaj
* (Officially) Licensed To Thrill: Bob Simmerman reports on why the ARCA RE/MAX officially licensed simulator currently in development by the Sim Factory is—as the series’ Marketing Director, Daren T. Havens, explains in an exclusive interview with AUTOSIMSPORT—not a promotional gimmick, but a major step-forward in the technical and sporting relationship between the simulated and the real.

Go get your copy today.

Posted by ScrafFD on Thursday 01 February 2007 -

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